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International: 1 (416) 548-4851
North America: 1 (866) 947-8600

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Robot Age is Here !

Solus Robots was founded to provide commercial enterprises with affordable and easy to use robots to engage in:
Customer Service
Advertising with Facial Recognition
Loss Prevention (LP)

About Us

Solus Robots is backed by Solus One a multi-national software company founded in 2004, that specializes in Call Center Software, Customer Service Interfaces and Polling Software Solutions.

Success & Pricing

We’ve built on our award winning software to deliver to you Life Sized Robots for between $5,000 & $12,000.

Best ROI in the Business

It’s all about ROI for businesses, and our Robots can deliver benefits to your business in under 1 year.
Call us to find out how.

CEO Interview at Vaughan B2B Expo
Robot Greetings
Robot Arms in Motion


115 Woodstream Blvd.
Unit 16
International: 1 (416) 548-4851
North America: 1 (866) 947-8600

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